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The Ignition Centre is a hub dedicated to extending TSiBA’s mission of “Igniting Opportunity” to reach beyond our students into the communities that they come from. Our Centres, at our campuses in Cape Town and Eden, are home to our projects in Enterprise Development, Community Training and Leadership Development. For the latest activity at the Centre, visit TSiBA blog.


The success of our model relies on the generosity of our supporters. If you wish to volunteer, consult, donate or provide micro equity, please contact us through .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with the words “IGNITION CENTRE” in the subject line and we will contact you.

Enterprise Development
Entrepreneurs are highly motivated, know their business and can capitalise on opportunities presented to them. If you are highly motivated, we can help you gain the knowledge needed to be successful in business and, through our networking and training, you can acquire the skills and harness the opportunities presented to you.

TSiBA plays an important role in helping new and existing businesses operating from the communities our students come from. If you are currently running a business and need help, or if you are thinking of starting a new business, TSiBA can support you with advice, mentoring and, in some cases, finance.

Our model integrates all the elements of support needed to build a sustainable and thriving business.
As the model shows, mentorship for business owners is the core of our philosophy and the central point of departure.

The first step to becoming a TSIBA Developed Enterprise (TDE) is to attend an information session. Sessions are held at the Ignition Centre throughout the year on a Thursday morning at 09h00. Sessions last for about an hour. During this session, the roadmap for a TDE, our methodology, our services and how to access these are explained.

For more information, or to ask a question, please feel free to contact us through .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with the words “ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT” in the subject line and we will contact you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that we are frequently asked by entrepreneurs who visit our Cape Town Centre.

What is a TSE?

A TSiBA Supported Enterprise – that could be you!

How much does it cost to become a TSiBA Supported Enterprise?

It does not cost anything to become a TSiBA Supported Enterprise, but once you are being supported, there are nominal costs we expect you to cover like paying for your phone calls and photocopying.

Will I get to meet and network with other entrepreneurs?

Yes! TSiBA has a vibrant community of businesses who meet regularly in the e-café and at our quarterly networking forums.

I want to start a business – where can I get help?

Here! (link the First Step –red on previous page)

I need money to start my business – can I have a loan?

TSiBA has access to micro financing and our TSE’s may apply. However, in our experience, finance is really the last leg of business support and we encourage our entrepreneurs to be part of the group and individual mentoring programmes through which your real business needs will be determined.

I have a business, but I don’t have customers, what must I do?

If you are a TSE, you will receive guidance on how to secure and keep customers through training and mentoring.

How does TSiBA add value to my business?

All TSE’s have access to a wide range of resources that will help your business.

What is mentoring and how will this help me?

Mentoring is when an experienced and trusted advisor trains and guides your development and the development of your business. It will help you think correctly about the aspects of your business and it will help you gain perspective and focus. Mentors will be able to guide the marketing, financial, personal and administrative aspects of the growth of your business.
Does TSiBA have other branches?

Yes, TSiBA has another campus in Karatara TSiBA Eden a small rural town close to Knysna on the Garden Route. It also has an Ignition Centre..

How is TSiBA’s Ignition Centre for Enterprise Development different from the other support centres in Cape Town (like Red Door etc.)?

We are all experienced and qualified business people. We get to know you and support you from beginning to end. Through our support and mentoring you develop and hone your own understanding of your business so that writing your Business Plan becomes a “Portfolio of Evidence” as opposed to a “template” that a consultant completed for you.

TSE Success Stories

Since its inception in 2008, TSiBA has assisted over 150 entrepreneurs with starting their new businesses or growing their current businesses. In an environment where 8 out of 10 new businesses in South Africa do not survive beyond their 3rd year, keeping a business afloat and growing it is an exceptional achievement. Here are some of the success stories.

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Company Name

Silulo Ulutho

Lead Entrepreneur


Luvuyo Rani

“Inspiring Minds Through Technology” Silulo Ulutho Technologies is the all-in-one centre to educate, train and acquire all your computer needs. By offering courses at a training centre, multiple stores, and internet cafes, Silulo is leading the market when it comes to computers. Silulo has already won a number of awards including The Cape Times Editors Award and SAB Entrepreneurs Award. Luvuyo and his partners, who started by selling used and refurbished computers, has turned into a South African workhorse dedicated to crossing the digital divide. TSiBA is proud to be associated with Silulo Ulutho Technologies and looks forward to the future with them.

Company Name

World Focus 1400cc

Lead Entrepreneur


Judy Klink

Judy Klink has been a vital lifeline to TSiBA for many years and has been a great role model for all of our students to follow. Her venture, World Focus 1400 CC, has successfully completed three bridging finance loans (South African Navy, City of Cape Town, Department of Public Works) through TSiBA, and she is now looking at a solid future in the office supply industry. Through hard work, determination, and a drive unparalleled by her peers and competitors, we at TSiBA look forward to the upcoming opportunities to help develop and advance our fruitful relationship.

Company Name

IYA Travel

Lead Entrepreneur


Lusanda Fibi

Congratulations to Lusanda Fibi, the latest recipient of a TSIBA-Deutsche Bank Loan to help with the expansion and strengthening of his business. As part of receiving the loan, Lusanda is receiving mentoring from TSiBA.

Lusanda was recently nominated as the winner of the Buy Youth Campaign Award and pipped about 40 other entrants to the post for his business, IYA travel. The competition was jointly hosted by the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) and South African Black Entrepreneurs Forum (SABEF).

Lusanda started his business IYA Travel with one intention in mind: Make travel easier in every way. He has succeeded and now his services are offered all across South Africa, including flight bookings, car hire and travel accommodation. Known for his fast and efficient service, Lusanda continues to catapult this business forward through a great website, positive reviews and an amazing attitude. TSiBA uses him exclusively and can vouch for outstanding service – you won’t be disappointed!

Company Name

FBK Trading Enterprise

Lead Entrepreneur


Fundile Mjiba

Fundile is one of TSiBA’s newest entrepreneurs and has already successfully completed a Provincial Government tender in the specified time. TSiBA is proud to have been able to supply Fundile with the bridging finance required to complete the Philippi Waterproofing project.

Fundile’s strength as a businessman shines through in the way that he administers and manages his projects and in how he supports the subcontractors that work with him.
We wish you a shining future, Fundile!

Company Name

Ubizo Events and Tours

Lead Entrepreneur


Sabu Siyakae

Our tours are a combination of a tour on foot as well as by bus, and our itineraries have been designed to cover areas that make the township unique. Throughout the tours our guides share their own stories; this offers personal interaction and understanding of the township.”

This upbeat duo of entertaining performers (historians and comedians) lead a great, successful tour guide/event planning/township and city tour/sightseeing venture that has taken off due to the immense popularity and educational value they bring to a normally dull experience. Started in 2008, they were selected as a finalist in the WOC BOF competition, which honors the best young entrepreneurs in Cape Town. TSiBA is a proud partner of Ubizo Events and Tours and is glad have them on board as a TSE!


Entrepreneurs who have successfully navigated the Roadmap (insert link), will be offered the opportunity to become a TSiBA Supported Enteprise (TSE) and will sign an agreement with the centre.
All TSE’s have access to the following resources to support the core mentoring process as featured in our model:

• Access to Community Training courses
• Group Mentoring
• Individual Mentoring
• Access to business networks
• Networking opportunities – meet other service providers and provide services to each other!
• Invitations to Quarterly Networking Forums
• Micro Finance
• Bridging Loans
• Office infrastructure (e-café, internet, telephone, printing, faxing, photocopying, meeting room)
• Business instruments e.g. basic bookkeeping templates

Community Training

The majority of small start-ups fail due to a lack of basic business acumen. TSiBA provides the following courses throughout the year:

• Career Training and IT Skills
• IT Skills
• Business Essentials
• Selling my Product
• Basic Money Matters


Courses are offered by our Community Trainer Cindy Krawe, herself a TSiBA Graduate and TSiBA’s first graduate entrepreneur!

To register for any of these courses, a small commitment fee is required. To find out more, or to register, please contact us through .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with the words “COMMUNITY TRAINING” in the subject line and we will contact you.

Leadership Development

TSiBA Cape Town currently offers two successful leadership development programmes together with local high schools. For more information please email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with the words “LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT” in the subject line and we will contact you.

Peer Education

TSiBA students conduct peer education on HIV/ AIDS awareness and general wellness in local high schools in Cape Town. The programme, which has been running successfully for three years, covers Relationships, Gender Roles, Peer Pressure and Responsibility for Wellness, HIV/AIDS and the Immune System and ARV’s.

Spirit of Youth

This leadership development programme for Grade 11 learners was launched by TSiBA in Cape Town in partnership with the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) in 2011. The programme aims to create a platform for young people to interact across divides and determine how they can be part of a culture of volunteerism. In particular, Spirit of Youth helps young people explore how challenges can be converted into opportunities by including activities that enable participants to dialogue with both thought leaders and peers.


The Tertiary School in Business Administration (TSiBA) was founded in 2004 with a vision to “Ignite Opportunity”.  Our mission is to be an innovative learning community that graduates entrepreneurial leaders who ignite opportunity and social change.

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