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TSiBA Eden Wishlist

1. Printing paper
2. Paper Shredder
3. Laptop bags for students - 80 units
4. Current Business, Leadership and Self-Development books
5. Red ring binder files - 80 units
6. A5 notebooks - 80 units
7. Ladies formal wear for interviews
8. Flashdiscs (4gig) for practical exams - 80 units
9. Digital camera
10. Novels to give to students to take home to create a culture of reading
11. Sponsorship for breakfast, lunch and supper
12. Kindles
13. Mugs
14. Sponsoring a scholarship
15. Sponsoring lecturer salary
16. Kitchen Crockery
17. Pool/Snooker table

Our Home
Our main focus is on business education, but the activities on our campus extend far beyond this scope.  All students are awarded full tuition scholarships and are housed, fed, educated, taught to work in businesses and to grow food from scratch all on one small patch of land.  The building that houses all of this activity was, until recently, an old age home which lay derelict for 13 years. We have cleaned it up, adapted and brought back to life bit by bit by relying on donations of materials and a good deal of spit and polish.  It is a work in progress where spaces are constantly being re-assigned and developed to suit our changing needs. Practical or technical expertise is always needed.

Our Syllabus
We offer academic tuition in the form of Maths, Business Communication, IT and Business.  These subjects are supported and complimented by the Leadership and Self Development syllabus to encourage self-awareness, a strong sense of ethics, good communication skills and an ability to think critically. We always require tutorial assistance with either remedial or advanced groups.  Guest lecturers are readily invited to add to our life skills resources by supplementing the Leadership and Self Development programme.

Our Gardens
The principles of permaculture are promoted by TSiBA Eden and independence and self-sustainability is our ultimate goal.  We try to keep our running costs as low as possible by growing much of our own food, so volunteers with knowledge of green food production are most valuable to us.  We run our own kitchens and hostel operations on campus using a mixture of part time staff and students and are always in search of new methods for streamlining operations.

Our Technology
We have been blessed to receive a donation of computers from Dell which has allowed us to create a fabulous network on campus which we use to teach IT.  Students all have their own email addresses and access to the internet. With limited funds, we are unable to afford full time assistance to maintain and upgrade the system. Volunteers with experience in this area are always valuable to us, as are specialists in web advertising and design.

Our Businesses
At TSiBA Eden Campus we run two types of business. 
• Eden Events is a fund raising effort involving students and staff at all levels. We host conferences, perform at external events, run courses and cultural immersions in order to help us meet our running costs.
• We have also set up smaller businesses to generate an income for both students and the campus. These also give us real practical models to which we can apply the theory we teach in lectures. 
  The emphasis is on entrepreneurialism and we are constantly seeking mentorship from individuals who can help inspire, guide and motivate, while helping to instill the correct system of values in our students.


The Tertiary School in Business Administration (TSiBA) was founded in 2004 with a vision to “Ignite Opportunity”.  Our mission is to be an innovative learning community that graduates entrepreneurial leaders who ignite opportunity and social change.

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