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Adri Marais

Adri Marais Adri Marais is a co-founder of TSiBA. In her role as Chief Executive Officer, she is responsible for providing strategic direction to lead TSiBA’s reach and impact in achieving its vision to ignite opportunity and social change. Adri holds an MSc in Biochemistry, an MBA and a Post Graduate Diploma in Higher Education Studies. Follow her on Twitter @Adri_Marais

Leigh Meinert

Leigh Meinert Leigh Meinert is a co-founder of TSiBA. In her role as Executive Director she is responsible for The TSiBA Fund, our vehicle to build long term sustainability. Leigh holds a BA in Value and Policy Studies and is currently pursuing her Master’s studies in Higher Education. Follow on Twitter @LeighMeinert

Gia Whitehead

Gia Whitehead Gia Whitehead is a co-founder of TSiBA. In her role as Sustainability Director, she is responsible for building strategic partnerships and generating income, particularly by attracting CSI and Enterprise Development funding. Gia holds a Bachelor of Information Technology and Postgraduate Diploma in Enterprise Management. Follow on Twitter @GiaWhitehead

Nolan Beudeker

Nolan Beudeker Nolan Beudeker is the Dean. She is responsible for the strategic planning, implementation and delivery of all aspects of TSiBA’s academic programmes. She holds a BA in Psychology and Law, an MBA (cum laude) and a PGDip in Higher Education Studies (distinction). Follow on Twitter @nolanbeudeker

Reidwaan Jawoodeen

Reidwaan Jawoodeen Reidwaan Jawoodeen is the Management Anchor. He is responsible for General Management, Business Management, Strategic Management and Applied Strategic Management. Reidwaan holds a BA Hons, a graduate in Military Management and in Peace Research.

Tyson Wadeley

Tyson Wadeley Tyson Wadeley is a Mathematics Lecturer. He lecturers and tutors Mathematics to Higher Certificate in Business Administration and Bachelor in Business Administration students. He is also responsible for anchoring the Mathematics courses. Tyson holds a BSc in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics from UCT.

John Durr

John Durr John Durr is the Marketing Anchor. He holds an Executive MBA several diplomas and certificates in the fields of General Management and Project Management. John is also a member of the I.B.A (Institute of Business Advisors) and a business advisor to Khula/DTI start-up companies in the Western Cape.

Shivvon Boois

Shivvon Boois Shivvon Boois is an Academic Officer. She is responsible for ensuring quality academic practices and data integrity related to student results and information. Shivvon holds a Bachelor of Arts degree. Follow on Twitter @skb2833

Dorothea Hendricks

Dorothea Hendricks Dorothea Hendricks is the Student Psychologist. She counsels students in one-on-one and group sessions and present weekly reflection sessions for all students. She holds a BA (Hons), a B.Journ (Bachelor in Journalism), H.D.E. and Master’s degrees in Education and Psychology.

Ilana Barling

Ilana Barling Ilana is the Librarian. In her role she manages, organises and disseminates information to this academic community and teaches information retrieval skills to the students. She holds a BA in Sociology and African History and a Higher Diploma in Librarianship and Information Science. Follow on Twitter @tsibalibrary

Benu Mukhopadhyay

Benu Mukhopadhyay Benu Makhupadhyay runs the Careers Centre. She conducts career management lectures, internships and associated activities to prepare students for the ‘World of Work’. Educated in the UK, Benu has a BA (Hons) Econ, MSc (Marketing) and Certificate in Education. Follow on Twitter @BenuMuk

Loyiso Koyana

Loyiso Koyana Loyiso Koyana is the Pay it Forward co-ordinator. He mentors the leaders of the student clubs and societies and oversees community projects like the Peer Education programme and the Spirit of Youth programme. Follow on Twitter @uloyiso

Kim Hickley

Kim Hickley Kim Hickley is the Student Development Officer. In her role, she is responsible for experiential learning programmes. She also anchors the HCBA Leadership and Self Development course. Kim is a pioneering graduate from TSiBA Education (majoring in Entrepreneurial Leadership), achieving her BBA in 2008. Follow on Twitter @KimHickley

Beverley Basson

Beverley Basson Beverley Basson is the Relationships Manager. She is responsible for managing the relationships with TSiBA’s donors and funders. Beverley holds a BA degree and Higher Diploma in Education and is currently working towards a Master’s in Business Leadership. Follow on Twitter @BevBasson

Sandi Sher

Sandi Sher Sandi Sher is the Marketing Manager, responsible for raising awareness for TSiBA through focused marketing & PR efforts. Sandi holds a B.A degree in English & History of Art, Post-grad. in Copywriting as well as courses in Digital Marketing. Follow on Twitter @atsandisher

Bethwill Cloete

Bethwill Cloete Bethwill Cloete is the Student Recruitment Officer. He is responsible for representing TSiBA at schools, career exhibitions, communities and anywhere else where TSiBA can ignite opportunity. He also manages the Ambassador Programmes for HCBA students. Bethwill is a TSiBA graduate (majoring in Entrepreneurial Leadership). Follow on Twitter @BethwillCloete

Lindelwa Hanjana

Lindelwa Hanjana Lindelwa Hanjana is the Campus Manager. She is responsible for managing the cleaning, security, maintenance and health and safety of the TSiBA Cape Town campus. Lindelwa holds a qualification in AIM (Association in Management). Follow on Twitter @Lindelwa22

Feziwe Swaartbooi

Feziwe Swaartbooi Feziwe Swartbooi is the Receptionist. Her role is to answer the telephone, assist visitors and tend to general enquiries. She is also responsible for managing the relationship with suppliers of stationery and refreshments. Feziwe holds a Grade 12 certificate and an Office Administration certificate. Follow on Twitter @YonwabaBlaauw

Peter Kraan

Peter Kraan Peter Kraan is the Chief Financial Officer. He manages the financial risks of TSiBA Education. In order to achieve this, he is responsible for financial planning and record-keeping, as well as financial reporting. Peter holds a Master of Science degree. Follow Peter on Twitter @kraanp.

Achmat Kazie

Achmat Kazie Achmat Kazie is the Financial Manager. He is responsible for ensuring accurate reporting and the implementation of processes in ensuring sound financial management. Achmat is currently pursuing his Bcom in accounting degree. Follow on Twitter @AchmatK

Abraham Oliver

Abraham Oliver Abraham Oliver is the Ignition Centre Manager and Entrepreneurship Anchor. His role is to strike a balance between Entrepreneurship theory and a conducive environment where students can ignite businesses in practice or execute entrepreneurial projects. Abraham holds a BEcon (Hons) and currently registered for Masters Studies.

Sonja Hagins

Sonja Hagins Sonja Hagins is the Ignition Centre Coordinator. She responds to inquiries, receives visitors and screens potential new entrepreneurs. She also organises all the Ignition Centre events like the Quarterly Breakfasts. Sonja is currently completing a two-year course in Counselling.

Cindy Krawe

Cindy Krawe Cindy Krawe is a Community Training Coordinator. TSiBA and Cindy have entered into a joint venture to start the TSiBA Community Training programme that develops and offers a range of courses aimed at serving the needs of prospective entrepreneurs and unemployed members of the communities TSiBA serves. Cindy is a TSiBA graduate.

Theo Cloete

Theo Cloete Theo is an IT support engineer. He is certified in N+A+ (network administration and desktop support). He is also currently studying to become a MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate) and previously owned an IT business for 8 years before joining TSiBA.

Graham Moore

Graham Moore After working in corporate consulting and resourcing environments Graham has joined the TSiBA team as the Sustainability Development Manager. He will work to cultivate mutually beneficial partnerships and funding relationships. Graham holds an Hons: Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Sociology and post graduate diplomas in Financial & Business Management.

Charles Melzer

Charles Melzer Charles Melzer is the Finance and Quantitative Anchor. He is responsible for all the Accounting, Finance and Quantitative modules offered at TSIBA. Charles holds an MBA from UCT and is active in opera and musical theatre

Val Tapela

Val Tapela Val Tapela is the Individual Giving Co-ordinator responsible for TSiBA's individual giving strategy, managing relationships of prospective sponsors & alumni, overseeing special fundraising projects to drive Individual giving campaigns. Val holds Social Science degree from UCT in Industrial Psychology & completed her Associate Coaching Course from the Centre for Coaching.

Bronwen Sly

Bronwen Sly Bronwen Sly is the Marketing Co-ordinator, responsible for the assistance of raising awareness for TSiBA through marketing and events. Bronwen holds a B.Com degree in Marketing Management as well as a certificate in Marketing Communications from the University of Johannesburg (RAU).


The Tertiary School in Business Administration (TSiBA) was founded in 2004 with a vision to “Ignite Opportunity”.  Our mission is to be an innovative learning community that graduates entrepreneurial leaders who ignite opportunity and social change.

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