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Picture: Left to right: Shameez Liederman, Craig Ross, Kim Hickley

“Apparently I am a hero. That is why I am here today,” began Craig Ross while addressing the TSiBA Cape Town students. Ross grew up in less than ideal conditions in Bridgetown, Cape Town, in which he struggled with substance abuse and gang affiliation.

“What do you have in your hands that you can give back to the world?” asked Ross, who used his knowledge of gangs and drugs to build JamiiX Social Exchange, a way for drug addicts, gangsters and others needing help to access free advice and counseling. In addition to JamiiX, Ross also started Digital Factory, the world’s biggest digital agency.

“When you do good, you feel good. Doing good is my new drug,” explained Ross. Ross ended by encouraging TSiBA students to unpack the three enemies: the unknown, the impossible, and the unimaginable. Students can tackle these three enemies using their unique perspectives and skills to do something good for their communities. In this way, the students can all become heroes.

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