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What many others experienced as just an other day, the people of the Karatara community and neighbors were filled with gratitude and joy.

The World Food Day event took place on the 11th of October on the home grounds of Karatara and like always TSiBA Eden ignited the opportunity and also attended the event. TSiBA Eden got to show off their talent by having a students joining the community choir, which was part of the entertainment for the community. TSiBA Eden also embraced the opportunity to show case their solar oven and baked lovely muffins for community members to taste from. TSiBA students all dressed in their white and red TSiBA T-shirts captured a lot of attention, which drew a lot of people to our solar oven. Our very own Enactus team made a contribution to the event by donating boxes filled with tins and can food

Well done TSiBA ambassadors! And also our fellow TSiBA Cape Town students.

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