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Written by Claire Everingham, The Studio Group

My name is Claire Everingham. I am a complete blonde, with a passion for fitness and healthy living, an obsession with shoes (especially bright trainers), who doesn’t know my right from my left, and just wants to make the world a funner (totally a word) place by spreading the endorphins of exercise. I started teaching Pilates in 2012 and opened my own studio (The Studio Group) in 2013. I love what I do.

I have been very lucky in the opportunities that have come my way, and by a wonderful twist of fate, the TSiBA trail running series, was presented to me at the beginning of the year. My mother has a close affiliation with Jenni Rorrison, who started the runs for TSiBA Eden Education 7 years ago. Having done a couple of trail runs, I knew what fun they were and I had no hesitation in turning back flips when Jenni asked me if I would like to take them over.

The TSiBA Eden Education: Studio Group trail runs are trail runs/ walks that take place once a month at various wine farms in the Western Cape. There are two distances that you can choose from a 6km and a 12km. A Saturday morning doesn’t get much better than running around a beautiful wine farm and enjoying a delicious wine tasting to follow. We have been very lucky with our wonderful sponsors who always give radical prizes to the runners out of the goodness of their hearts. These runs would not happen without LOTS of help. I must have been a very good girl, as I was brought 2 spectacular parents, a wonderful boyfriend, ridiculously special best friends and two awesome TSiBA students who help with every single run. I could not do it on my own by any stretch of the imagination, and these guys work silently and tirelessly to help me ensure that the runs always go without any hiccups! I salute you all!

The general organising of the runs is a total ball ache – walking around a beautiful wine farm on a Friday afternoon, dealing with exceptionally nice wine farm owners and managers, drinking some wine and raising money for the wonderful TSiBA charity is just awful! Jokes aside, organising these runs is hard work, but my goodness, its so much fun too. The only truly hard thing is setting my alarm for 4:30am on a Saturday morning, let’s be honest, even Ghandi would get a little upset over that. However, the complete reward of seeing the smiley (albeit sleepy) faces at registration and the love for trail running totally makes it all worth it. That AND the fact that we get to raise money for such an awesome cause. TSiBA’s pay it forward initiative is what grabbed my attention in the first place, followed by the exceptional idea of finding potential leaders and entrepreneurs and giving them the skills to take their lives and the lives of others to a whole new level.

One of the big reasons of me becoming a Pilates instructor was to improve lives through exercise. That dream has been taken one step further now and it makes my heart smile to know that my efforts of organising these events, impacts so much onto the lives of others, and those others who in turn are effected by them. After all, paying it forward is what it’s all about!

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