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TSiBA Alumni’s Easter visit to Ncedolwethu Edu-care Centre
By Athini Kenke, TSiBA BBAGraduate 2013

Saturday the 19th of April, the day after Good Friday, saw TSiBA Alumni trek all the way to Mfuleni, where we were welcomed by 49 beaming faces at Ncedolwethu Edu-care Centre. Ncedolwethu, which means “Our Help” in Xhosa, is a Non-Government Organisation (NGO) that is run from the home of *Mama Florence who is a model for ‘Ubuntu’. Her home has become a place of learning for little minds, and refuge for teens who don’t come home to; a quiet space and/or lunch after school.

The day we had excitedly been waiting for as an Alumni kicked off with a welcome talk by Mama Florence and then it was time for everyone -toddlers, teens and Alumni- to mingle and have fun with a couple…well, a lot grin...of ice-breakers! After everyone had worked up an appetite, it was time to enjoy some traditional Easter foods like; fish, hot-cross buns and of course Easter eggs. After all the tummies were filled, it was time for the handover of goods we had collected for the children.
These items included; 50 educational reading books donated by Educo’s Sihambela Phambili programme, 50 colouring-in books and crayons donated by Redisa, 2 pallets of fish products donated by Lucky Star, vegetables (including a pumpkin that could win any Biggest Pumpkin contest), cereals and Easter treats.

What a smile these goodies brought to everyone’s faces and such big ones on our hearts. I think the Alumni will agree with me when I say that the day was more of a treat to us from the children than the other way around.

In parting, we as the TSiBA Alumni would like to thank all organisations and individuals for your kind donations. We hope to partner with you on the next event of this kind. We also hope that this inspires at least one reader to reach out to the children of Ncedolwethu.

Ncedolwethu’s Mama Florence, is a foster mother to five children who were orphaned at very young ages. She runs the ECD with the help of her daughter, some helping hands from the community and a very kind volunteer who helps source food, clothes, educational materials and other essentials. Should you feel urged to get involved in any way, check out Ncedolwethu’s website http://www.ncedolwethu.org and their wish list.


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