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Thobela Mfeti a TSiBA Graduate Alumni has recently been on Taxi. The Taxi is an online radio station spearheaded by entertainer and talk show host Soli Philander. This mode of news in increasingly becoming popular with social media gaining popularity amongst many younger people.
She was interviewed as she had just become the 4th Mandela Rhodes Scholar. She has been given a celebrity status and has been on and many other media.
She was interviewed at ‘The Taxi’ alongside Andrew Gasonolar who are both recipients of Mandela Rhodes scholarship for 2012. Do visit their website to find out more about this scholarship.  Andrew is also connected with TSiBA as he is a volunteer lecturer.

One of the questions that was asked at the prestigious Mandela Rhodes selection interview was what does this scholarship mean to them. Thobela mentioned in the interview about the 4 pillars sought to be a Mandela Rhodes scholar namely Leadership skills, Scholastic attainment, Entrepreneurial spirit, Reconciliation. Thobela mentioned that The Mandela Rhodes foundation grooms leaders especially community leaders. She also said that the selection process to become a Mandela Rhodes scholar is to recruit well rounded individuals through a stringent process. The interview is hard and taken very seriously by the selection panel. In essence all the pillars strive to find out how the applicants have and will make a difference to others lives.

Whilst on the scholarship all recipients receive training on leadership programmes through the Foundation. Once their postgraduate qualifications are completed these young Africans are able to join an elite group of young people who are expected to play an important role in leadership in their fields and societies. The Mandela Rhodes alumni seeks to have its members as important change agents on the African continent.

Thobela has been on the Executive Board of JP Morgan for two years; she has been part of many societies at TSiBA and plays a mean game of netball! She inspires many of the students’ at TSiBA and offers advice to them on a regular basis. She has represented and attended many conferences and this adds to her many accomplishments.

Thobela went to a company called Wetzel in Germany on her first internship and her final internship was in a company called Pare BV in Holland where she formed a marketing plan.
After completing her Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurial Leadership at TSiBA Education she then went onto studying a postgraduate qualification in Tourism at University of Cape Town (UCT).
For 2012, Thobela will be studying for a Masters in Marketing Tourism at UCT specialising in Township Tourism and Andrew will be studying Investment Law.

Thobela is conducting some research for her professor in the field of tourism and really wants to take ‘Township Tourism’ to the next level. She said “I am a township girl at heart” and she sees niche markets that could do with developing . This is all before she starts her course next year.

We wish Andrew and Thobela the best in their studies for 2012.

Written by Benu Mukhopadhyay, The Support Team

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