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Alexis Van Harte is a manager at JP Morgan WSS. She recently emailed Leigh Meinert about the three TSiBA graduates in her team. In her words she said ” I am absolutely astounded by the good values and commitment that I see in them daily.”
Alexis has also interviewed more TSiBA students in the past couple of months and she found that the common factor in all of them was their drive to succeed. This is what some of the TSiBA staff wrote in response to these fantastic news:
Beverley Basson ” WOW WOW”
Gia Whitehead ” So awesome smile
Leigh Meinert ” This is how I define SUCCESS grin)))”
Alexis has a 2 0 year old daughter. I believe that TSiBA would be able to help bring out that common factor in her too.

Written by: Ntombiza Lingani, Marketing Team


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