The coming of the exams is a blessing to all students

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Article by: Zim Boys, Tonderai Pudege & Tinashe Munyuki

The coming of the exams is a blessing to all students. However, it has been a quite difficult time for many students at TSiBA, having such a task to show what they have learnt over the past six months. For those who were prepared, it was as easy as cutting margarine with a hot knife.

As according to the famous former president of South Africa, Mr. Nelson Mandela, ’education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.’ This shows that studying is the gateway to success. Without education, one can find it difficult to have a better life.

With such an amazing opportunity to be studying at TSiBA, investing in human capital, we believe that we can turn what is impossible to become the achievable as most of the students have managed to excel in their studies, with only a few being caught offside.

Due credit goes to the TSiBA Students Representative Council for organising study nights which enabled many students to share the knowledge they have. Surely, no one can dispute that these study forums went a long way in addressing the hunger for success for students at TSiBA, preparing them for the examinations.

There were also some unfortunate events that transpired during the examination period, for example, missing an exam by one of the HCBA students due to train delays. This must go a long way in alarming TSiBA students, as leaders of tomorrow, about the socio-economic problems they are likely to tackle in future.

Be responsible for your lives.

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