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The American Embassy visited Ilana Barling our Librarian recently. They came to offer TSiBA staff and students the use of the fantastic database eLibraryUSA.
Ilana of course researched their offerings before they visited and commented “Many of the databases are relevant to the courses our students are studying and are going to be of immense value. I will be speaking to the course anchors at their weekly meeting about eLibraryUSA and signing them up!”
Susan Dymond, Information Resource Center Director said of the visit “We had the most wonderful time at TSiBA! I wanted to thank you and your colleagues for being so receptive and enthusiastic about eLibraryUSA”.
Steven P Kerchoff, Information Resource Officer was quite enthused about this relationship and said “I’m delighted to have such enthusiastic partners premiering eLibrary USA.  I look forward to hearing your success stories!”
Our Ilana said to wrap up “I look forward to this mutually beneficial association and ‘igniting opportunity’ together”
Do look at the eLibraryUSA social Sites for more information:

Official website:




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