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By Rayne Moses, founder of Nebula & BBA Graduate 2013

Photo: Winners from Skateboard Competition fundraiser held in Strand organised by Nebula
Rayne Moses sitting in front

It has always been my dream to have my own skateboard company, which is why I came to study for a business entrepreneurial degree at TSiBA.  I wasn’t yet sure of how, what or when, but I knew this was my passion. I also wanted to make a difference in people’s lives and TSiBA has helped influenced my decision to not only start a skateboard business, but to combine it with youth development. This is why I created a NGO called Nebula so we can inspire youth around the country and promote skateboarding and social development in various ways like competitions and tutoring programmes.

The TSiBA experience has a big place in my heart and I consider it to be another home. Their “Pay it Forward” philosophy is what I live out daily and I also tutor students to share my knowledge and experience. On the academic side I am now business-minded and equipped with critical business theory, strategy, finances, business etiquette, communication skills etc.

Nebula’s Vision
To be South Africa’s leading non-profit skateboarding company

Nebula’s Mission
To inspire youth and promote the growth of skateboarding through competitions, youth development and tutoring programmes

Nebula was launched in 2012 by Rayne Moses, a skateboarder and graduate from TSiBA Education. Since then, he has been able to organise and host 4 skateboarding events and launch Nebula’s Youth Development Programme in Gugulethu Cape Town.
In 2013, Rayne has been able to make significant additions to the Nebula team. Kurt Daley is a graduate from the Cape University of Technology, completing a course in graphic design and taking his own initiative to focus on illustrations. Ntlantla “Ice” Dukwe is a proud member of the Gugulethu community and Project Supervisor for Nebula’s project. Together, the 3 of them constantly work on improving and growing the organisation as well as seek opportunities for new partnerships and solutions to the challenges facing the 12 participants in our tutoring & skateboarding programme.
As much as Nebula’s project in Gugulethu is its primary focus, the organisation intends to build a skateboarding brand that is rooted in social change and designed to inspire youth to discover and use their highest potential to realize their dreams.

To find out more, and how you can get involved contact:
Rayne Moses
072 727 0041
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