Mentorship Day at Coronation

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From left to right in the photo:
Nadia Williams, Andiswa Dulane, Courtney Petersen, Richard Jamieson ( one of Coronation’s consultants from Connemara whom also ran the workshop), Myself- Chad Lee Cupido, Juliet Magagula ( 1st year student @ Stellenbosch University) and Abe Mahlesaela. Not included in the photo and who was also in attendance was Monique Williams.

Written by: Chad lee Cupido, TSiBA Cape Town student

For me, the mentorship workshop was an amazing experience and was very insightful. The theme of the workshop was “Honing Mentorship” and we worked through the different aspects of mentorship and what it all entails. The workshop allowed me to interact with the different Coronation bursary holders at TSiBA (from different years) and with Juliet from Stellenbosch.  The relationships formed is important to me cause i can now go to these students for advice especially relating to TSiBA (academics) and Coronation matters. I now look forward to getting my assigned mentor (as promised by Coronation) and to the many experiences that i will make at Coronation.

Written by: Courtney-lee Petersen

The day at Coronation was great. We had a workshop on mentorship, where we discussed the roles of a mentor & mentee equally. We also discovered various things about ourselves through the different activities which was arranged for us. We got to meet new people as well as engage with people on campus whom we had only seen when walking through the corridors. It was an interactive and fun-filled session which ended in a great lunch with new found friends. I have learnt so much from this experience and am now using the advice we received with my own mentor. It also opened up a new platform of knowledge as I am now able to communicate with these new peers if I have any issues (academic or work related).

I really appreciate this opportunity & will use these tools in my growth process as a person.


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