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Written by: Samantha Cyster

One of the most important dates on the TSiBA 2013 calendar, 19 July 2013. This is a date that the 27 graduates will remember, for the rest of their lives.

The venue has been set and guests started pouring in for yet another TSiBA Graduation. The handsome Ekome Same together with the beautiful Natheera Noor Mohamed were the MC’s for the procession. Guest speaker Dr Mamphela Ramphele made her way to the stage right after the academic procession was completed. She graced us with a few kind words and surely reminded the parents that their children’s hard work has paid off and that the journey towards this event was not easy. The HCBA’s of 2012 also received their Certificates and was all too proud to be wearing the highly regarded regalia.

One by one they were called to the stage to receive a handshake from Nolan Beudeker (TSiBA Dean), Prof Fatima Abrahams (TSiBA Chairperson of the Board) and Dr Mamphela Ramphele. This was soon followed by the highlight of the afternoon. The graduandi were called to the stage and spent a few minutes be-side Adri as she reflects on their journey to this day. Each reflection just more inspiring as the other, so inspiring that it brought tears to a few people’s eyes. Dr Mamphela Ramphele held each graduates hand tight while she whispered a few encouraging words in their ear. The afternoon was closed off by a very soothing and soulful performance by Claire Phillips. Ekome Same, MC of the event introduced Claire as a songbird who comes from humble beginnings. This was truly evident in her performance.

Students walk with confidence and be encouraged to keep going run the TSiBA race!!

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