Frank Chikane’s Visit to TSiBA Eden

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Written by Penny Costley-White, TSiBA Eden Voulunteer & a UK based Trustee of the charity, Friends of TSiBA Education

As part of the Knysna Literary Festival which was held in Knysna between the 21st and 23rd March, Reverend Frank Chikane gave a lively presentation to the students, staff and invited guests at TSiBA Eden on Thursday 20th March. 

The main theme of his talk was his time in government which he called the “belly of the beast” meaning the rough and tumble of politics. By referring to his three books, starting with his autobiography No Life of My Own, about his time in the struggle, written when he was only thirty six years old, he tried to explain how we have arrived at the current political situation. He explained that both his best-selling titles “Eight Days in September: The Removal of Thabo Mbeki” and “The Things that Could Not be Said” which refers to the things he could not write about when still in government, were written to demonstrate the challenges faced by government. 

Reverend Chikane ended his talk with a reference to his concept of a “dream” to end what he called the nightmare that we are currently living through. He called on everyone to look at our country and see what they want to change and to dare to dream how to change things. Finally he appealed to our students to become little Mandelas to promote change and reconciliation. 

TSiBA Campus Director, Sandy Ueckermann, took Reverend Chikane and his wife Kagiso on a tour of the campus. Their comment was that we need to have more TSiBA Edens in South Africa to regenerate our education system. 

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