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Wednesday 22nd June 2011, this was my first day here at TSiBA and what a day it was! At first I was quite nervous but once I had arrived and was introduced to all, I felt more comfortable as everyone was really nice and welcoming. Too bad the weather was not as inviting…
The day started off with a breakfast meeting consisting of local entrepreneurs. The turnout was very surprising as we anticipated around 15 due to the lack of replies recieved of the invitations sent out. But due to the large amount (approx. 45 entrepreneurs!) we had to turn to plan B where we vacated the crowd from the centre into the golf club. This was an inviting atmosphere that engaged all the members present and the presentation was very interesting also.
I was very interested in the various views and opinions many of the attendees had regarding business and the topic on focus of Marketing, as there was a few things I did not know…like a plastic hanger can be used to open a car! I’ll believe this when I see it!

Made new friends, met interesting people, had some nice food and rode on the train for the first time in Cape Town! Overall…Loving the experince so far!

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