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The pilot run of our newest course, Business Essentials, was a huge success! The course ran faster than expected, beginning on the 20th of February and ending on the 28th. We are pleased to announce that we will now be offering the course over 10 half days as opposed to full days. One piece of important feedback from the entrepreneurs was that if you’re running a business you can’t possibly be away for a full day so we have adapted to their needs. We will investigate the option of evening or weekend courses as well.

For the first run of Business Essentials, we had a group of 12 entrepreneurs and small business owners. These entrepreneurs represented a wide variety of industries ranging from wellness & beauty to tourism and transport to green hygiene and recycling! Despite the diversity of these fields, the participants had shared experiences and were able to learn from each other. Delene Martins, the facilitator, created a very interactive environment and applied each of the concepts we covered to the specific businesses our entrepreneurs were running. She received excellent reviews as did the material and our venue.

The topics we covered were as follows:

1. Entrepreneurship

2. Foundations of Business

3. Marketing

4. Sales and Customer Service

5. Purchasing

6. Financial Matters

7. Access to Capital

8. Business Plan

9. Practical Components within business

10. Glossary of Terms

11. Resources for Entrepreneurs.

Now that we have delivered a successful pilot, we will revamp the material one more time based on the feedback we received and then we’re ready to roll! Our next session of Business Essentials will run June 18th to the 29th so be sure to mark your diaries! To see the dates of all our community training courses for the full calendar year check out our Facebook page or stop by the Ignition Centre!

For questions, comments or concerns call Cindy Krawe at 021 532 2750 ext. 127 or email her at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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