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Life takes on different hues and this is sometimes beyond human anticipation.
It was on 6th April 1994 when I saw the landing airplane being shut down while it prepared to land on the airport. Ever since then, the life took on different direction toward unknown destination. I was 12 years old when the whole incident of Rwanda genocide took place. I was introduced to the dehumanised styles of life which is beyond any language to express.
Walking, sleeping outside, hunger, no parent or friend, most of my generation is gone, everything besides me look strange. Seeing dead people pilled like logs of trees. Looking at other people being killed with no one to intervene! This entire scene was recorded in not only in my memory, but the memory of many young and older people of that time. Moving here and there has modified the sense of belonging and, generally the whole thing I am was buried underneath like the volcanic lava covers the land.
Ever since I came to South Africa, I thought that it is too late for me to resume the school after 17 years of unrest and insecurity. I did not know how to resume from grade 5 when I am 27 years! One of my friends told me about ARESTA and I went for more information. I started with ABET Level 2 then Level 3 and level 4.I also succeeded to in obtaining basic computer skills such as networking and computer repair. Through the process of learning from ARESTA I gained hope that I can make it to grade 12.I had the opportunity to have passed my grade 12 through EDUCATION FOR AFRICA by 2013.

I felt a bit alive by having matric certificate but I was still having the question “where will I get money for Tertiary Education?” A friend told me about TSIBA and I took initiative to apply. Unbelievably TSIBA awarded me a scholarship! Currently I am studying my Higher Certificate in Business Administration (HCBA) on a tuition scholarship at TSiBA (Tertiary School in Business Administration) which is a non-profit business school with campus in Cape Town. I’m looking forward to graduate in few years.

This is where I met different people from different corners of the World. The new life has just started. Every opportunity being offed to me has a unique impact on my life for today and tomorrow. The programs here at TSIBA have extracted the whole of me from underneath the rocks of the past and exposed me to the light where I can clearly see who I’m through Five Values which are :responsibility ,initiative; resilience , communication and integrity.

These values being the light, I’m carrying it to the World, to the communities lost in abyss of gangsterism, lost in ignorance. These values also act like lifesaving jacket which I’m carrying to the Word drowning in the rivers of poverty. We call it “Pay it forward” Philosophy!  I do this through tutoring mathematics at ARESTA and EDUCATION FOR AFRICA.

Please allow me to say thank you to everyone who encouraged and assisted me in any way.
And most of all TSIBA

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