Adding some fresh colour to the Entreprenuership Centre

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The paint was mixed; the rollers and brushes were ready to go, as was the team here at the Entrepreneurship Centre. Today we were going to splash the walls with some much needed life and to stay true to the TSiBA colours; we chose to go with the RED to get some fresh blood pumped through the centre!

So we decided to get our brushes flapping and rollers rolling bright and early as the momentum and adrenalin was still high. And it’s always nice to start the day with a free-bee.  As we walked into the room, there were a few TSiBA t-shirts waiting for us on the desk to wear whilst painting… Nice! – Thanks to Sonja smile

To give the centre a new, funky feel; the vision was to paint only selected walls in each room and I must say I really looks cool and exciting!

Hard work, concentration and a few laughs along the way, this was a real team working and team bonding exercise - we all enjoyed each other’s company and got the job done in good time. It’s always nice to stand back and see what a good job we have done… but make sure you watch were you’re standing and backing into because you don’t want to be part of the colour wink

Pictures to follow soon… watch this space!


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