A Warm Welcome to all the New 2014 Students!

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Written by Elroy Dicks, BBA Graduate and Chairman of the Alumni Society currently working at Curo Fund Services

A warm WELCOME to all the new students who joined TSiBA Education in 2014.

TSiBA Alumni wishes to welcome all new students that joined TSiBA in 2014, and congratulate them on being successful throughout the recruitment process. As TSiBA Alumni, we know exactly what it feels like when you receive that phone call saying that you have been accepted to study at one of the best Tertiary Education institutions in South Africa.
You are here today, enrolled as a TSiBA student, because we believe that you have the capabilities of leading your community, your country and your future with the education provided to you by TSiBA. So while some of you are overwhelmed with excitement, fearful of the challenges that lie ahead and still feeling your way through the first few days at TSiBA, here is some proof from TSiBA Alumni, the ones who have completed the TSiBA journey, that we share your feelings and want you to know that you would not be here, if we did not believe in YOU!

Khanyisa Mtombeni, 2008 TSiBA Graduate and current MBA candidate at ESMT European School of Management & Technology.

I remember when I joined TSiBA back in 2005 feeling excited about the opportunity to study towards a Bachelor’s Degree on a full scholarship. I was slightly unsure about the institution at the time because it was still new and going through a process of accreditation, but I was very confident that everything was going to work out for the best. Today I’m part of a MBA class in one of the top business schools in Germany and have accumulated very good financial services experience. My success today is a direct result of my decision to join TSiBA back in 2005.”

Cebisa Mahlukwana, 2009 TSiBA Graduate and current Business Development Manager at Sanlam.

“When I first joined TSiBA, my overall feeling was a sense of welcome. I felt that I’ve been accepted into a family with whom I will on embark my journey to obtaining my Bachelors Degree. Having experienced other universities, I now know today that TSiBA was a good foundation for me – I wouldn’t change my experience for anything!”

Adeeb Samsodien, 2010 TSiBA Graduate and current Bond & Money Market Fund Administrator at Curo Fund Services.

Joining TSiBA was a dream come true. It created the perfect foundation for me to complete my honours and then continuing to masters which has been a challenging, but rewarding experience. I am currently completing my masters research aimed at understanding how entrepreneurs recognise and develop opportunities into successful ventures. I am dedicating my master’s research to TSiBA Education as my contribution to a philosophy which still resides with me today ‘Paying it Forward’.”

TSiBA Alumni wish you all the best throughout your journey and look forward to welcoming you to the TSiBA Alumni family at your graduation in four years!

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