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I recently blogged about the Brains X Change competition which pitted some very creative students against some of the challenges of the Cape Town townships. The event took place in the Creative Factory, a organization in Rotterdam worthy of its own blogpost.

The Creative Factory building in the background

The Creative Factory is an incubator fostering young, creative entrepreneurs in a unique location. It is housed in a old, decrepit warehouse in south side of the harbour on the River Maas. In fact, when I first saw the building, I was convinced I was lost. Certainly, this can’t be the place? But inside, everything changes. The old and the new is perfectly merged into a unique, creative and very inspiring way. In fact, the Creative Factory calls itself “The Inspiring Community”.

We mean business: 64 companies
It houses 150 creative young people from 64 companies in all kind of different fields. They are coached by experienced business people from local business and universities. The top 7th floor houses a restaurant which doubles as an auditorium and has a beautiful view down towards the harbour. Inspiring indeed. Things are definitely not what they sometimes seem…

The view from the top

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