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TSiBA has a tradition of instilling Paying It Forward as one of its ethos.
Many people nomininate a Pay It Forward Hero for various reasons and for September there were many nominees….
Zolile Bolotina
Zolile was nominated by Chwayita Mbuka for helping her with Maths. Chwayita wrote, “my marks have improved as a result of his help”.
•Chris Koyana
Chris was nominated by Sithembile Malinga because he helped her find something dear to her heart. He is always willing to help when she needs academic help. 
•Ntobeko Rhani
Ntobeko was nominated by Chwayita Mbuka for kindly assisting her with Maths tutorials and test revisions.
•Simphiwe Mahlanyana
Simphiwe was nominated by Ntombiza Lingani for coming back to TSiBA as a Hero Speaker and encouraging students to hang in there and make the best of this opportunity.
•Tyson Wadeley
Tyson was nominated by Jennifer Moeketsi for giving extra classes on Fridays.

Our runner up is:
•Keke Mohasi
Keke was nominated by Vuyisile Tyesi and Wi-aam Isaacs for always been keen to help everyone in every way possible. She never says not to a cry for help.

Our September Pay it Forward Heroes are Jim Shepherd and Mahlubandile Dyonase

Jim was nominated by Jennifer Moeketsi, Zimasa Mbuncase, Yazeed Sadien, Moses Tinfayo and Kahnita Kahn. They all motivated their nomination for Jim by saying that Jim is a very dedicated Maths teacher that is always supportive, always willing to give extra classes for struggling students. “Jim is incredibly patient with all HCBA students, he regularly avails himself on Fridays and Saturdays for extra lessons” wrote Kahnita.

Mahlubandile was nominated by Ntombovuyo Mathiso, Bhadikazi Hanjana, Siphiwosethu Mzamo, Anelisa Plandeshi and Busiswa Mvinjelwa. Mahlubandile is the reason a lot of students passed Accounting and Maths. Busiswa wrote, ” I would not be here today, doing FMA-102, if it wasn’t for his help. He sacrificed his time to ensure hat we understand. He is always eager to help.” All the other nominators share the same sentiments with Busiswa.
I am particularly happy to have yet another staff member as a Pay it Forward Hero. That tells me that we practice what we preach. Thank you Mahlubandile and Jim and all the nominees for your valuable contribution to the students lives. I trust that we will all learn from the example you have set and carry out the most rewarding work that we as people can do and that is to be there for each other.
I will be in touch with our September PiF Hero about the hoodie and the photo for the poster that will go up on the Pay it Forward wall.
Voting is open for the October 2011 PiF Hero.
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