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sold equip goods distributed to local adventures

In the third and last year of the Entrepreneurship and Leadership BBA major, TSiBA students complete a course called Innovation and Knowledge Management 3 where they must conduct R20 K enterprise development projects. Like the previous course, Entrepreneurship 2, the students must carry out actual business activities. However, Innovations 3 students must focus on innovation strategies throughout their venture based on process, business model, and service or marketing innovation. The revenues generated are applied to sustain the developmental projects in preparing students for the corporate world or their own enterprising venture. In accordance to the course mission, the organisations’ goal is to support other local businesses through enterprise development.

This year, the class groups consisted of three enterprises: Bookit, Student Inc, and Equip. Together, the three businesses earned a net profit of R57,583 within a two month time constraint. However, the business Equip alone raised R50,727 of the total net profit.The three ventures were able to earn this net profit due to the generosity of Juta & Co’s in-kind donation of office supplies, textbooks, and kitchen equipment valued at R1,082,667 for the support of enterprise development.

JJ’s cafe owners

Equip selected donated products such as South African sport jerseys, kitchen appliances and catering equipment consisting of, but not limited to, crockery, chip fryers, food display units, glassware, and silverware. The group sold products to internal and external consumers as wells as businesses in diverse stages of development ranging from startups to existing ventures. The team was able to supply Nyama Nyama, local entrepreneur Sally Brambill, and JJ’s Café with kitchen equipment for the companies, fulfilling their mission to support local enterprise development. Since the Equip team exceeded the R20,000 goal, the students will receive 5% of the total value of sales.

Written by: Lindsey Ricker

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