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A series of fortunate events lead to the first TSiBA Eden Ignition Centre computer class being held at Smutsville Primary School, Sedgefield, on the 9 May 2012. Hugo Ngaka, the head of a new local NGO, “Sanctified Creed”, approached the Ignition Centre, in early April, regarding computer classes for people in Sedgefield, within minutes a plan evolved regarding bringing the computer course to Sedgefield.
The idea was nurtured with positive input from key stakeholders, namely the Principal Mr Dogh and IT teacher Mr Sass of Smutsville Primary School, and sanctioned by local Ward Councilor Irene Grootboom; which transformed it into reality. Hugo is one of those dynamic people who see opportunities in the blink of an eye; he brought the relevant stakeholders together in order to create this opportunity in Sedgefield, so that local people can acquire sought after skills. The primary school offers an ideal location at the entrance of Smutsville thereby making it very accessible to residents. The Ignition Centre is so grateful for the fiery passion that local people have towards supporting their fellow community members. Thank you!

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