2011 NEU/TSiBA Field Study Programme Update

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The time is fast approaching, and the businesses have finally been narrowed down. After about a month of constant attempts at communication with about 35 businesses from around the area through 400+ phone calls, 300+ emails, and 30+ interviews, we have secured a very diverse and solid group of budding entrepreneurs. Spanning far and wide, from Khayelitsha to Langa, are some very cool ventures. Beer gardens, travel agencies, African jewelry, graphic designers, B&B’s, painters, tuck shops, and NGO’s to name a few. This has been a long time coming and it is very satisfying for me to see the development of this program come along so well. The schedule is very exciting, and I feel “honored” to be the veteran American among 36 others. I will take the challenge, and hopefully they can learn as much about South Africa in a month as I have! (Not possible, I love exploring this place!). Just finished a meeting with the events coordinator and it looking like a huge success in the making. GREAT SUCCESS!
Looking forward to updating you all as soon as everything is finalized. But, in the meantime, be jealous!

Sincere Regards,

Michael Kirton

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